Amazing Spider-Man Super Preview Inspires


Alright--one minute into the four-minute "super preview of Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man that aired during tonight's episode of America's Got Talent, it's already more inspirational than the last five superhero movies I've seen. Is it a cheap, manipulative, pulling-at-the-heartstrings moment? Absolutely, but it works beautifully and evokes the best in superhero comics in a way that no film has done arguably since Superman: The Movie. We also get a few minor spoilers, so be forewarned--but after that first minute or so it really stops being a "scene from the movie" kind of preview and starts being an expanded trailer, with voice over and a lot of the same footage we've already seen. And the recurring image of that construction crane, which we at still think spells doom for one of the top-billed actors in the film. The Amazing Spider-Man opens on July 3 and even if calling it "the most anticipated film of the summer" seems a little bit silly with The Avengers breaking every record known to man and The Dark Knight Rises waiting in the (bat) wings, it's hard to imagine seeing this preview and not wanting to watch the flick.