Andrew Garfield Reveals He Came Up With Amazing Spider-Man 2 Moment

Andrew Garfield is getting a lot of press for a reason strange to him lately: not being Spider-Man. It seems lately he's done more press (while actually doing press for the movie 99 Homes) regarding Marvel's webslinger than he did when he actually played the role in two movies.

In a new interview with, Garfield talked about the role, and the "dangers about one man coming and saving humanity" as is typically shown in solo superhero films. "It kind of abdicates the rest of us of responsibility," he said, leaning more towards real-life heroes that led communities and movements than superheroes.

It's a broader-reaching concept than some may expect from an actor, especially one who went on and on about how important Spider-Man was to him in his formative years when he was playing the role. However, even then, he apparently wanted the idea incorporated into the second Amazing Spider-Man film, and his explanation makes it all come together.


"That was one of my favorite parts of the film, and it was my idea," Garfield said of the scene where Spidey saves a kid dressed as Spider-Man (while making him feel like the hero). "I felt the film was missing me as a seven-year-old. All of us as a seven-year-old, being inspired, and given the strength to be who we are, we can step into fear and be courageous in our own lives."