Aquaman Animated Movie Coming Soon


In response to a fan question on Twitter, Geoff Johns teased today that an Aquaman animated feature film will be coming soon from Warner Home Video. "Can we get an animated movies focusing on #Aquaman? He really, REALLY deserves a moment in the spotlight," tweeted ChrisFox72. "Yes, you will!" Johns responded simply. The character has had a hard time connecting with audiences for much of the last few decades, albeit with some standout stories from writers like Peter David, Erik Larsen, Dan Jurgens, Kurt Busiek and Johns himself. At present, Johns is the writer of the New 52 version of the character, which has consistently been one of DC's best-reviewed and best-selling series since the relaunch. The odds are good that the Aquaman film will be loosely based on Johns's work, but comments made by some DC Animated execs suggest that they may soon stop adapting existing comic book stories altogether, so Aquaman could very well be a wholly new piece. No further details were available from Johns, and Warner Home Video PR rep Gary Miereanu hasn't commented at all yet--he being the one who generally gets to make such announcements. This isn't the first time people have spoken out of school, though; in April of last year, longtime Batman animated actor Kevin Conroy told fans before it was official that he was recording some audio for a Flashpoint feature film. Aquaman was a central character in Robot Chicken's DC Comics Special last year, and was most recently portrayed by Cary Elwes in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.