Archaia's Upcoming "Rust" to get Big Screen Treatment!


Comic Con International is where major interviews, news and upcoming projects get dissected, debated, leaked and previewed, but some announcements wait for no one. News outlets report that the not even released yet graphic novel Rust from Archaia has been snapped up by Fox, who outmaneuvered Warner Bros. for the rights to the project, which is described as an all-ages appropriate book. With that kind of content, it could turn out to be a good move for Fox, who could end up with a family-friendly hit on their hands. According to the company's description of the graphic novel, Rust is, "a high-octane, all-ages adventure set in the American heartland. Life on the Taylor family farm was difficult enough before Jet Jones crashes into the barn, chased by a giant decommissioned war robot! Oldest son Roman Taylor struggles to keep his family's small farm afloat as the heartland heals from a devastating world war. While the rest of his family may not trust the mysterious boy with the jetpack, Roman believes the secrets of Jet's past may be the key to their survival. But are some secrets best left untold?" Attached to the project so far are Simon Kinberg as producer, who recently had a hand in the critically-acclaimed X-Men: First Class. Aline Brosh McKenna will write the screenplay for the film. She is also no stranger to hits, having written the hit film The Devil Wears Prada. For those interested in reading the graphic novel, it will be available for reading in October of this year!