Bloodline Star Seann William Scott Asks: Are Jay and Silent Bob Secretly Murderers?

Later this week, American Pie and Goon star Seann William Scott will star in Bloodline, a new Blumhouse movie in which he plays a Dexter-style serial killer, who both seems to have a moral code about who gets killed and why, but also a hair trigger and a willingness to cross lines when his family is involved. It will be a disturbing and dark turn for the actor whose best-known performances are mostly in zany, comedic roles, and during our interview, he suggested that he might not be alone in traversing the boundaries between broad comedy and homicidal rage.

Who else? Well, it's possible that Jay and Silent Bob -- longtime Kevin Smith supporting characters and the stars of the forthcoming Jay & Silent Bob Reboot -- accidentally murdered a character played by Scott in 2001. In Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (the movie being rebooted in Reboot), Scott appeared as a folk-singing, judgmental weirdo named Brent whom Jay tossed out of a moving van after tricking Brent into suggesting that he was attracted to sheep.

"I love Brent. That's his name, right? Brent, the sheep f---er?" Scott said with a laugh. "That character was so much fun. No, he never got back to me about it. Or, I never heard anything about it. Maybe he never survived getting thrown off that van. That was a lot of fun though. Kevin Smith is awesome."

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot star Jason Mewes is pretty sure Brent made it out of the van just fine; he says that the reason behind Brent not returning was much less insidious: they could not work out production with Scott's Lethal Weapon schedule, and as a result never reached out to the star, even though they wanted to. Confronted with the murder question, Mewes laughed.

"No, no," he reassured "We didn't kill him at all."

Writer/director Kevin Smith, who plays Silent Bob in the film, loved the idea, though.

"We were bummed that we didn't get him, but we looked, and they were like, 'He's working on Lethal Weapon,'" Smith said. "Sean was one of my favorite parts of Strike Back. We still quote him, me and Jason particularly, the 'I love animals.' There's a moment in this movie where Harley's like, 'Do you want some of my chocolate?' And he goes, 'Shit, yeah, I love sugar.' That was our Sean William Scott shout-out."

Asked about Scott's theory that Jay and Bob had accidentally murdered Brent, Smith perked up.


"There it is, that covers it, Brent died," Smith said. "Jay has a murder rap sheet that he has no idea about! The third Jay and Silent Bob movie is going to be about that; he's going to find out that all those years ago he killed a man. That's genius, that makes me laugh."

Either way, fans will have to wait until the next Jay & Silent Bob movie to see more of Brent, assuming he's still alive. But you won't have to wait that long to see Bloodline, which hits streaming services and select theaters on Friday, September 20. Jay & Silent Bob Reboot will be coming along shortly after, with a Fathom Events screening at select theaters on October 15 and 17.