Arrow’s Stephen Amell Wants Shared Universe With Batman Vs. Superman


While the decision isn't up to him, Arrow star Stephen Amell has let it be known where he stands in regards to the Arrow television universe connecting to the big screen universe of Batman Vs. Superman. In an video interview with the Quiver Podcast, Amell said, "Of course, I would like them to have a shared universe. The big distinction and the most important distinction for me and everybody on the show, by the way, is I'm not playing the television version of Oliver Queen. Caity Lotz is not playing the television version of The Canary, and Manu Bennett is not trying to encapsulate the television version of Slade Wilson. Grant Gustin is not trying to do the television version of Barry Allen." Amell continued, "We're trying to do the definitive versions. We're trying to put them on a level where if Warner Bros. and DC Comics decided that they wanted them to be a part of the movie people would buy it, right. Whether that happens or not, that's not really our concern, our concern is we have a lot of momentum going in our second season, and Greg has a very, very famous, at least in my head, saying of 'You have a hit television show, until you don't have a hit television show.' So for me to look past, we're in the middle of shooting episode 14 right now, and it's a bear, as all the episodes are coming, and for me to look past episode 14 would really be a disservice to the people who have been with us since the Fall of 2012." However, Amell added, "But I think the characters that we are creating in our universe could stand next to Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot. I think that we could stand next to them and everybody would go, 'Good, I like that.'"