Atop the Fourth Wall Movie Trailer Released


Eight months after he launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund its production, comic critic Lewis Lovhaug today released the trailer for Atop The Fourth Wall: The Movie.

The film, which will be serialized in five parts starting on November 24, is expected to come to DVD in January or February, Lovhaug told fans on Facebook.

In the series, Lovhaug stars as Linkara, a comic book reviewer who operates on board a spaceship called Comichron 1 and battles a variety of cosmic threats. He plays numerous characters on the series, other producers and performers from Channel Awesome, the family of websites of which his show is a part, also appear. Linkara reviews bad comic books, old and new, providing a snarky commentary track for comedic value as well as analytic (think Mystery Science Theater 3000, which he often references).

You can see in the trailer that the plot centers on a rescue mission having need of Linkara's ship -- but don't expect an actual comic book review. Unlike Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, Lovhaug said the film won't have a central comic that's being explored during Linkara's journey.

"The fact that Linkara reviews comics is part of the plot and his character, but it's not the driving force of the story," Lovhaug said. "There isn't really that same kind of fervent desire for a single specific review that EVERYONE wants to see out of Linkara."


Instead, it appears to be a "crisis of faith" kind of project, with Linkara ready to hang up his hat and glasses and stop reviewing altogether. what will bring him back to the game?

...We're guessing One More Day.