Dr. Evil Gets the Austin Powers Band Back Together for New Super Bowl Commercial

Dr. Evil is getting the band back together. Before they take over the world, however, they're going to try to save it. General Motors staged an Austin Powers reunion for its big Super Bowl commercial this year. Mike Myers has reprised his role as Dr. Evil to help push the new wave of electric vehicles coming from GM over the next few years. The company is looking to drastically reduce its carbon footprint, hiring one of film's funniest villains to accomplish the mission.

Several other characters appear with Dr. Evil in the new commercial, including his son, Scott. Once again played by Seth Green, Scotty now has a son of his own, and Dr. Evil is hoping to turn the grandchild into another version of himself. You can check out the full commercial below!

"It really does feel like the band that has been playing together for 30 years," Green told Variety. "'Austin Powers' is still one of the most globally recognized things I've done. There is a fan base for it."

"The only thing I know is that Mike took a very first-hand, personal interest in shaping the script so that it not only accurately represented the characters in the narrative, but also sold the product in way that the company was happy with," Continued Green

"We are using climate change as the enemy," Deborah Wahl, General Motors' global chief marketing officer said in a statement. The automaking giant knows for "a large majority of first movers and the younger population, this is very much in line with their purpose and their vision, and they are very concerned about climate change overall."

"We want to normalize EVs," added Wahl, before mentioning that the ads are to "help people see themselves in one." 

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