Avengers: Age Of Ultron Animatic Reveals Alternate Bridge Rescue Scene


Federico D'Alessandro of Westlawn Films has uploaded an animatic of the bridge rescue scene from Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron that is slightly different from the theatrical version.

During the Battle of Sokovia, a broken bridge, with motorists still on it, begins to fully-collapse as the city of Novi Grad ascends. We see Captain Americarush over and grab hold of the bumper of one of the cars, but it tears off in his hands and the car, along with another vehicle, plummet. Luckily, Thor swoops in and flings one of the motorists to Cap and then flies after the other. Cap is then greeted by an Ultron-controlled bot that tells him, "You can't save them all." With his shield and gauntlet, Cap is able to destroy the drone, which is in mid-sentence ("You'll never..."), and send it plunging to Earth. "You'll never what?" Cap asks mockingly. "You didn't finish!"

In the animated storyboards, Cap and Thor see two cars fall off the crumbling bridge. Cap never rushes over and grabs the bumper like he does in the film. Thor is the one that quickly flies in for the rescue, same as in the film: flinging one motorist to Cap and grabbing the other vehicle and gently placing it on the bridge. Now here is where it really differs. Black Widow and Cap are greeted by several Ultron-bots and they work together to vanquish them. I'll assume the well-choreographed fight scene was cut because of Scarlett Johansson's pregnancy.

Check out both versions of the scene in the videos below.


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