Avengers: Age of Ultron Stars Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson Talk Their Sibling Relationship

In a recent interview with Total Film magazine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, together [...]


In a recent interview with Total Film magazine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, together to promote the release on Friday of Gareth Edwards's Godzilla, spoke briefly about their roles in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. While Olsen was fairly comfortable speaking in broad strokes about the characters themselves, Taylor-Johnson steered clear of it entirely, opting instead only to praise Olsen and talk about how excited he is to work with her again after Godzilla. "My favorite thing about Scarlet Witch is, she's incredibly perceptive and she can read through all people and all objects in a  way and she has a totally 360 awareness and I love that about her," Olsen told the magazine in the video embedded below. "My favorite thing about Quicksilver is, because he's so quick, he's got quite a funny sense of humor."


Of course, that's something that we've heard from early screenings of X-Men: Days of Future Past as well, which is interesting to hear given the fact that Quicksilver in the comics is not generally known for his sunny disposition. Could both versions have been trying to steer clear of the other to avoid brand confusion, and inadvertently have fallen on similar changes? Taylor-Johnson did say that he hoped to bring a dynamic that's still close but obviously different for the brother/sister relationship than the husband/wife relationship he had with Olsen in Godzilla. That's good, because any semblance of a too-close-for-comfort relationship would bring unwanted comparisons to the Ultimate Comics version of the characters, where they engaged in an incestuous relationship. While Ultimates has been a big influence on the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, the studios involved have also been playing the characters pretty safe and it's difficult to imagine them eager to get incest into the film. "I'm super excited. I can't think of anyone better to work with again than Lizzie Olsen. I think she's a fantastic actor and a really cool girl and so to be working with her again is a thrill -- really really great," Taylor-Johnson said. Regarding the film itself, he stayed mum, saying, "I can't really speak of anything form Avengers this early on as well but we play brother and sister and we've really embraced the characters that have been in the comic books and tried to change it up a lot from the dynamic we have in this, where they're husband and wife. It's important to have on-screen differences."