Avengers Movie In 3D: A Good Or A Bad Move?

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Big news on The Avengers movie front. Disney announced today that The Avengers will be released in 3D. The Avengers movie was not originally shot in 3D, but rather the movie will be converted to 3D post-process. While you might think this announcement would bring joy, many comic book fan sites have reacted quite negatively to the news. A couple of years ago Avatar wowed movie audiences with amazing 3D effects, but then everybody started making 3D movies. Many recent 3D movies have been criticized over shoddy 3D effects that haven't added any value to the movie itself, so that is automatically what everyone thinks when they here a movie is being converted to 3D. Instead of amazing effects, 3D has become better known for jacking up ticket prices. Probably because of the immediate negative response, Joss Whedon has already spoken out to do damage control. In an interview on JoBlo.com, Whedon said that he knew the film was going to eventually be converted to 3D so he took that into account when filming. Whedon also reassured fans that the Avengers wouldn't be "obnoxiously 3D." Meaning that there wouldn't be scenes that detract from the movie just to create 3D effects and that the 3D would be a natural part of the action sequences. Personally, the 3D announcement doesn't bother me, because the movie is still going to be released in 2D. Since 3D has been losing steam recently, most larger theater chains make both 3D and 2D showings available. The Avengers movie is such a big deal that it will likely command enough screens that fans shouldn't have a problem finding a place to view in whichever format they prefer.