Avengers Star Mark Ruffalo Thinking About A Columbo Movie

It seems that Avengers: Age of Ultron star Mark Ruffalo is considering taking a break from his purple pants to take up a trench coat and play the iconic detective Columbo.

As reported by Movies.com, screenwriter Gary Whitta, who is slated to write an upcoming Star Wars spinoff, has been tweeting for a while about wanting to put together a Columbo movie, and how perfect Ruffalo would be for the part. A tweet from Whitta about how he and Ruffalo were now represented by the same agency, and how that brings the project slightly closer to actually happening, caught the attention of Ruffalo, who responding by revealing that he's already working on the part.


Ruffalo clarified that he and screenwriter Ed Solomon had been talking about the idea, but nothing further than that. Actors and writers talk about dream projects like this all the time, but, for now, fans can only hope that it becomes a reality.