Back To The Future's Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd Crash Jimmy Kimmel Live In Character

In what can only be described as Jimmy Kimmel's best opening ever, Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd crashed the monologue. The two actors arrived in a silver DeLorean and in character as their Back to the Future characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

The duo were met with thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the studio audience, prompting Doc Brown to exclaim, "Great Scott!" When McFly suggested that the audience must have arrived in their flying cars, Kimmel explained that flying cars hadn't been figured out yet.

In addition to the lack of flying cars, McFly and Doc Brown learned several other things about the real 2015, leading Doc Brown to say, "Apparently the technological and cultural achievements of this era are somewhat underwhelming." Then, Kimmel took a selfie with the duo, explaining that's how they document important events now.


After a cameo from Huey Lewis in the audience with a megaphone, Doc Brown told McFly that he needed to return to 1985 to fix the time-space continuum. Before he left, Doc Brown revealed to Jimmy Kimmel how he will die.