Back To The Future Writer Talks Chicago Cubs Winning 2015 World Series Prediction

During an interview with, the full text of which will run on Monday morning, Back to the Future writer Bob Gale talked briefly about whether he and the rest of the BTTF creative team were paying extra special attention to the current Major League Baseball playoffs, in which perennial hard-luck team the Chicago Cubs are doing pretty well.

It's of interest, in case you haven't been reminded, because the Back to the Future Part II sequence set in late 2015 revealed that the Chicago Cubs had just won the World Series.

If you remember, though, there was a second prediction baked into that World Series that's already come true. The Cubs's opponent in the 2015 World Series in the film was a Miami team -- in spite of the fact that there was no baseball team in Florida at the time the movie was made.

"Of course," he said when asked whether they were watching it with bated breath. "Are you kidding? Listen, about two or three weeks ago the Miami Marlins had Back to the Future night at their ball park because remember, in 1989 there was no major league baseball in Florida. We predicted that Miami would have a team. We got the league wrong. We got the name of the team wrong. They were cool about that. They said, "Hey, you guys predicted this." I can't tell you how many people have been contacting me saying, "We want to talk to you about the Cubs. We want to talk to you about the Cubs."

This isn't the only time it's been discussed: actor Christopher Lloyd told the Washington Post that he wants to throw out the first pitch if the Cubs make it to the Series, and Gale told ESPN that the Cubs' current winning streak is somewhat bittersweet for him -- since they had to go through his favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals, to get to where they are now.


The Back to the Future trilogy is coming back to Blu-ray on Tuesday with a thirtieth anniversary edition meant to celebrate Marty's trip to the future -- which took place (takes place?) later this week. Check back over the next few days for more from our conversation with Bob Gale.