Batman And Superman Standalone Movies Will Be Released In Addition To The Announced 10 DC Films

In case you missed it in our previous story (a lot of readers did), Warner Bros. announced today that there are Batman and Superman solo films in development in addition to the ten announced DC Comics adaptations from the studio.

And, no, you probably won't have to wait until 2021 to see them.

Here's a tweet from Warner Bros., which is phrased in much the same way CEO Kevin Tsujihara's comments at today's stockholder meeting were phrased (although his presentation included a specific mention of the films being currently in development):

It isn't that the tentpole Batman and Superman films aren't on the schedule, then, but that they exist independent of the DC development slate -- something that makes sense, given the frequent criticism that Warners has only ever made movies of those two heroes. This means, then, that Warners continues to make movies of those two heroes as planned...and then they slot in a calendar full of other DC Comics stuff. It relies on DC Entertainment to sell lesser-known or more risky properties, while Batman and Superman can sell themselves.


Cavill and Affleck are listed as returning for Justice League, and so is Amy Adams as Lois Lane, implying that Bats and Supes are likely considered co-leads on that film with everyone else headlining beneath. Even Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg, already cast and ready to go, weren't specifically mentioned as being in the League in Warner's announcement. That may delay or change the nature of some solo films, as obviously Man of Steel has its director and cast focused on Justice League Parts 1 and 2. But they assure you: more is coming.