Batman, Avengers & More: Comics Movie News Roundup

With DC and Marvel inundating the comics world with news about their actual publications, nobody's [...]

With DC and Marvel inundating the comics world with news about their actual publications, nobody's been quite as focused as usual on movie news. That doesn't mean we're not still watching out for you, though, and here's a few of the stories you may have missed. There's plenty of movement on the Dark Knight Rises front over at MTV's Splashpage. Joseph Gordon-Levitt officially isn't talking about whether or not his role in the film could turn out to be Robin, telling the reporter "You know I can't have this conversation, man!" And while the potential future of Dick Grayson and Talia Al Ghul may be in doubt, shots of Batman and Bane driving around in fancy vehicles are pretty much everywhere, with Latino Review even posting some explosive video. Marvel, meanwhile, is hammering home The Avengers news, with the new Captain America: The First Avenger Blu-Ray trailer debuting over at and providing fans with a look at the upcoming team flick. Bleeding Cool is running plenty of screen captures, or you can just watch it for yourself. At the same time, Splash Page is reporting that the movie is going to have a panel at next month's New York Comic Con, in spite of having skipped San Diego this year. The panel description promises new footage and surprise guests, so I guess I'll try to make my way to that one. In other Marvel movie news, Hugh Jackman has a good news/bad news situation for Wolverine fans: He says that shooting on The Wolverine, his much-anticipated follow-up to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, will shoot after he wraps Les Miserables, but that it won't be until 2012. Apparently they still haven't got a script they're happy with yet. Jackman is quoted as saying, "I still don't feel like we've really nailed him, and I really want to get it." In other sequels-in-development-hell news, Robert Rodriguez told MTV News that they haven't got a script finished, either, but that he still plans to start shooting this year. He hasn't had any conversations with actors yet, according to the story, because he wanted to have a script finished before he does.