Batman V. Superman: All The Rumors So Far

We're still about a year and a half out from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hitting [...]

We're still about a year and a half out from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hitting screens, but you can't seem to open a web broswer without some new rumor jumping out at you.

In case you've somehow lost track of all the unconfirmed news surrounding them, we've compiled them into a list in this article.

Take a look at all the rumors below and decide for yourself what's truth and what's fiction.

Jason Mamoa will appear as Aquaman

This rumor has been around for so long that we'd be more surprised if it wasn't true. For months, former Game of Thrones star Jason Mamoa has been rumored to be appearing in Batman vs. Superman as Aquaman. He's spent a lot of time dodging the rumor, alternately stonewalling and teasing it, seemingly depending on his mood. Most recently, director Zack Snyder even called into a radio show to defend Aquaman's honor. For his part, Mamoa just wants everyone to shut up about it so he can properly plug Road to Paloma.

Doomsday is in it

Originally part of the fake script, new rumors have begun circulating that Doomsday, the monster that killed Superman in the 1990s, will be in the film. The recent rumor states that Lex Luthor gets his hands on the body of General Zod and uses his tissue to create Doomsday, a foe that can stand up to even Superman.

Luthor has Kryptonite and Batman wants it.

Another rumor reborn following the fake script leak, Lex Luthor supposedly has gathered up debris from the destruction of the World Engine and used it to synthesize Kryptonite. Supposedly, Batman is looking to get his hands on some, presumably to keep Superman in check (it is called Batman vs. Superman you know). 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play Thomas Wayne

This one is based on a photo that supposedly shows the set of Batman vs. Superman with a big portrait painting in the background of Morgan. Being that he looks rich, and that Morgan traditionally plays people who are or will quickly become dead, one assumes he is Bruce Wayne's father.

The Batmobile flies

Supposedly, the doors on the Batmobile open outward vertically to form wings, giving it the ability to fly. I don't see how they get away with this without being drowned by DeLorean jokes, but it does make sense to give Batman away to take to the air to keep up with his superfriends, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Jim Gordon Might Appear

Another rumor suggests that Batman's old friend, Jim Gordon, may appear. It's possible, given that he does appear briefly in The Dark Knight Returns, which seems to be informing the film's take on Batman. No telling how large a role he'll have. He's probably busy with Gotham anyway.

Emily Blunt is part of the cast

Another rumor suggests that Edge of Tomorrow star Emily Blunt has been recruited to play a role in the film. What role is unclear.

A handful of other bad guys will appear

Calvan Mulvay has been cast in the film. Initial rumors suggested he may be playing the Joker, but more recent roles have him cast in the less ambitious roll of Victor Zsazs. Scoot McNairy is rumored to be playing Morgan Edge, who has ties to Intergang, who has ties to Darkseid. Darkseid himself is expected to show up in the Justice League movie, so there's rumors of him showing up in Batman vs. Superman, or at least in the sting. David Cain and Amanda Waller are also rumored to be making appearances.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25, 2016.