Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Twitter Reacts


So, yesterday Warner Bros. made it official: the next film in the Man of Steel franchise will be Batman vs. Superman -- and that film will be a prequel to Justice League. When the full title Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice debuted online, Twitter predictably exploded, and most of the reactions were pretty negative. The title is silly and cumbersome, some said, and evokes a civil suit more than a superhero smackdown. The upside to that, actually, vocalized by one of our regular commenters Jason Smith, is the possibility that they're evoking that on purpose. "I find the fact that they used 'v' instead of 'vs' interesting," Smith wrote on a previous article about the film. "It makes the film sound like its going to be more of a clash of ideologies than a physical one." Not everyone had such a thoughtful response, though...although some of them were pretty funny... Some people liked the title...

There were a fair number of people who pointed out that it's feeling less and less like a Superman sequel... There was a strong undercurrent of those who joked that "v" instead of "vs." made it feel like a civil suit...And, of course, plenty of more generic jokes.0comments