Batman V Superman Lego Set Details Revealed

(Photo: LEGO)

LEGO has the market fairly cornered when it comes to brick-building toys, thanks to licenses like Star Wars, Marvel, and of course, DC Comics. The next big adventure for the DC heroes on the silver screen is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and naturally, that means some all-new LEGO sets based on the film.

The folks at Eurobricks have uncovered details on the new sets, aside from official titles or some prices, but there's still a lot of new information.

(Photo: LEGO)

Similar to the small vehicle packs the Star Wars line has been offering, a "Microscale" Batman v Superman Batmobile will be offered in January (seen above). Three sets will also debut in January 2016, in a small, medium, and large format.

The small set, at $14.99, includes the Batsignal, some kryptonite, a movie-style Superman minifig, and an armored Batman minifig (below). The medium set, at $29.99, is the already-revealed Batmobile and standard-suit Batman that was shown at Comic-Con International: San Diego. It'll also include a LexCorp vehicle and two henchmen (which hasn't yet been shown). The large set in January will include the Batwing, a LexCorp Helicopter, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and Henchmen minifigs.

(Photo: LEGO)

March will also see new DC Comics LEGO, though it seems it'll be just that - based on the comics and not on the upcoming film. Those sets will include three "Mighty Micros" sets with smallform vehicles and a pair of figures: Bane and Robin, Batman and Catwoman, and Flash and Captain Cold. The Gotham City Cycle chase centers on the "Bat-Pod" style motorcycle, plus a villain cycle for Harley Quinn and Deadshot to ride. Finally, an extra-large set of the Classic 1966 Batcave will also hit in March.