Batman V. Superman Trailer Generates More Twitter Buzz than Captain America: Civil War


While the Captain America: Civil War trailer won the views battle against Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice when they each debuted, it turns out the latter owned the actual conversation. According to social media tracker ListenFirst (as reported by WSJ), BvS generated more Twitter buzz than Civil War in each of their first weeks.

While exact numbers were not given, both clearly dominated the weeks they debuted, with a relative rating of 100% - when it comes to trailers, people like to geek out over these movies.

The year-to-date is perhaps more interesting, though. While Star Wars: The Force Awakens massively dominates, taking the top two spots, BvS takes the #5 slot, the only comic book film to hit the top five. It's the Comic-Con trailer from July that tracks there, though. Year-to-date also gives you an idea of how relative this is as far as tracking actual box office results goes. The third and fourth slots go to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 and Insurgent, which both performed well, but didn't exactly catch fire or diverge from the average genre film.

But for now, DC fans that were upset about Civil War winning the views battle can take heart in Dawn of Justice generating more conversation.