Batman vs. Superman: Batman's Cowl Reportedly Inspired By Lee Bermejo


In a new report over at Comic Book Movie, the news site claims to have come into quite a few minor tidbits of information about the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Saying that both Superman's and Batman's costumes will be tweaked somewhat from their most recent screen outings, the site claims that Batman's cowl is, at least at present, being modeled on or inspired by Lee Bermejo's Batman in the Batman: Noël graphic novel. The look, with seams, shorter ears and a bit more of an armored look to the head, has always felt a bit more gritty and real-world than most superhero comics get...but how it will compare to previous screen iterations is hard to say until we've seen it on an actor. While big-screen iterations of the Batman cowl have traditionally gone with longer ears, a number of the most memorable versions of Batman's look over the years--including Dick Sprang, Frank Miller and Jim Lee versions from the comics as well as Adam West's TV Batman--have featured shorter ones. Miller, of course, is a consultant on the film and has been widely reported as a key influence on the story. CBM goes on to claim that Ben Affleck was not in attendance at the Metropolis vs. Gotham football game, contrary to reports online, and that the actor has yet to step in front of the cameras as Bruce Wayne. They also confirm reports that General Motors is working on the new Batmobile, adding that a number of designers who worked on the Christopher Nolan-directed Dark Knight Trilogy are working with the automotive giant, so there's a distinct possibility aspects of The Tumbler will make it into the reinvented car. Batman vs. Superman is due in theaters on July 17, 2015.