Batman Vs. Superman Costume Designer Talks New Look For Wonder Woman

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It's very possible that when the Batman and Wonder Woman costumes are revealed for Batman Vs. Superman the Internet will explode. Fanboy Kevin Smith revealed that the new Batman costume looks like a Jim Lee design, so fans have some idea what to expect. However, what Wonder Woman will look like in her first big screen appearance is more of a mystery. There are rumors that she will have an armor look, but no one knows for sure. Except for of course the people actually working on Batman Vs. Superman, like costume designer Michael Wilkinson. In an interview with the New York Times, Wilkinson talked very briefly about his upcoming work on Batman Vs. Superman. Wilkinson said, "I have been given the opportunity to tackle a wide range of genres with my work: big superheroes, gritty contemporary, epic period, science fiction. It keeps me stimulated and challenged as an artist. At the moment, I'm designing the costumes for 'Batman vs. Superman.' It's an honor to be creating new looks for such iconic characters as Wonder Woman. The interesting thing is that my approach is always the same, no matter the genre or the period. I'm using the same tools — silhouette, fabric, color, drape – to help tell the story and illuminate the inner life of the characters." There are a lot of ways the new look could be interpreted. The most common interpretation would be that Wilkinson is creating an entirely new look for Wonder Woman that has never been seen before. However, it could also be that he's adapting one of the Wonder Woman costumes from the comic books and just giving it some slight modifications for the big screen. Batman Vs. Superman is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on July 17, 2015.