Batman Vs. Superman: Five Reasons Against Wonder Woman Appearing

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There's been lots of speculation going around that Wonder Woman could appear in the Batman Vs. Superman movie. While everyone is pretty anxious to see Wonder Woman finally hit the big screen, we have to question whether the Batman Vs. Superman movie is the right place to introduce her. Here are five reasons against introducing Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman. 5. Don't Rush The Casting – Who plays Wonder Woman is a big decision. While seeing Wonder Woman make a cameo in Batman Vs. Superman would be thrilling for fans, Warner Bros. shouldn't cast this important of a role for just a cameo. Warner Bros. should take the time and make sure that they cast an actress who is capable of carrying a Wonder Woman solo movie and who has availability in her schedule for both future Wonder Woman and Justice League movies. 4. Wonder Woman Needs An Origin – Batman's origin has been told on the big screen before, so there's really no problem with introducing him in a Superman movie. With Wonder Woman, it's been a long time since the seventies TV series. The youth of today need to see a full-blown Wonder Woman origin on the big screen. Wonder Woman's origin is a story that needs to told, before she is inserted into any type of superhero team-up movie. 3. Don't Introduce Wonder Woman In A Movie Titled After Two Male Superheroes – Wonder Woman finally makes her big screen debut, and they do it in a movie that is titled Batman Vs. Superman. That just seems so wrong. When Wonder Woman finally hits the big screen, she deserves to have her name up in the title. 2. Too Many Superheroes – Sure, The Avengers proved that a superhero team movie could be done and could be done well, but Marvel introduced their team in several successful solo movies. Warner Bros. needs to learn how to crawl before they walk. Warner Bros. made a wise call be deciding to try a two superhero movie first before tackling a Justice League movie. 1. Doesn't Need To Be Anybody's Girlfriend – If Warner Bros. were to introduce Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman, we have this sneaking suspicion that she might wind up as either Batman or Superman's girlfriend.  If Wonder Woman wants to date Bats or Supes down the road that's fine, but in her first introduction, she should stand on her own and not be labeled someone's girlfriend.