Batman Vs. Superman: Movie Stars Choose Their Favorite

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Batman and Superman are getting ready to appear on film together for the first time in 2016's Batman vs. Superman film. Batman vs. Superman happens to be one of those debates that everyone seems to have an opinion on, so Total Film Magazine has started asking movie stars for theirs. After one outing, Batman had a slight lead on Superman, with the score at 10-8. Following this second video, however, Batman seems to be running away with the competition, leading Superman with the score at 24-13. Superman had a few backers in the video, including Sylvester Stallone and Orlando Bloom, who remembered seeing and being inspired by Superman at a young age. However, most of the stars – such as Jonah Hill, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dane DeHaan, Martin Freeman, Daniel Radcliffe and Evangeline Lilly – seem to be taken with Batman's gadgets and air of mystery. Jessie Eisenberg, who will play Lex Luthor in the film, would only say that the debate has torn his family apart. Batman vs. Superman is scheduled to arrive in theaters on May 6, 2016.