Batman vs. Superman's Gadot Signed For Three Films as Wonder Woman

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Gal Gadot will reportedly receive $300,000 to appear in Batman vs. Superman as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, a job that she'll start in May, according to a new feature story on the star that appeared on Israel's Good Evening with Guy Pines. The footage included in the package is older, from her modeling shoots and previous interviews, and so the information included should be considered supposition and rumor, as there's no official comment on the matter from Gadot or her management. "For production on Batman vs. Superman that is expected to begin in May of this year, Gal will earn an estimated $300,000 for the entire course of filming. Gal is signed to an option deal for at least 2 more sequels. If the movie is successful, the sum will be doubled and tripled," Pines says in the narration according to a translator. The big news out of the video, which popped up online at Batman News and is embedded below, is its seeming confirmation that Gadot was signed to a three-picture deal. Logic would dictate that the films will more likely than not be Batman vs. Superman, Justice League and Wonder Woman, likely with the possibility of sequels for at least the non-Superman movies. If reports of shooting Batman vs. Superman and Justice League back to back hold any water, they may be in just that order. Gal Gadot signed a 3 movie deal as Wonder Woman... by BatmanNewsCom