BB-8's Voice Actors in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Revealed

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

BB-8, the adorable droid that everyone already loves and is going to just flip out for once they've actually seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens has gotten a lot of attention, and rightfully so. Besides just being an incredible feat of engineering, there's something inherently endearing to the character. Part of that is his unique beeping voice. In the end credits of the film, it was revealed that two actors actually made that voice happen. Officially listed as "vocal consultants," Bill Hader and Ben Schwartz helped BB-8 come alive

Upon seeing the credit at the premiere, HitFix asked Hader about the gig.

"JJ f**king around with this sound effects app on his iPad that was attached to a talk box operated by me," is what it consisted of, Hader said. "It looked ridiculous but it made BB-8's voice. At first I tried doing a voice, but we all agreed it sounded too human."

So there you have it, BB-8 is a combination of strange talk boxes, and the voices of Fear and Jean-Ralphio.