Doctor Strange Concept Art Reveals Costume at D23

Marvel fans have their first look at the new Doctor Strange, courtesy Disney's Marvel presentation at D23.

The convention, which is owned and operated by Disney, took the place of a Comic-Con panel for Marvel Studios this year, and had the handy bonus of giving newly-in-development films a little extra time to get presentation materials together for the fans.

Surprisingly, the film costume is very similar to the version from the comics (seen above), cape and all. Most of us had assumed that it would it carry over the general tone of the classic Doctor Strange uniform with the somewhat more muted colors and general aesthetic shared by most of the Marvel Studios costumes.

We'll update with the actual image if and when it's released, although Marvel's "Agent M" said that they're quite a ways away from sharing any of the Doctor Strange D23 material with the world at large.

The D23 concept art showed Strange going to the far east, then being transported to multiple dimensions. Cars flying through the air in the city, Baron Mordo fighting him, and the full on red caped look straight out of the comics.

There was even a quick 1-second CGI shot of Strange shooting magic bolts to cap it all off. The concept art drew a huge reaction from the crowd.

Marvel's Doctor Strange will cast a spell on theaters November 4, 2016. Want to know when Marvel's other movies are opening? Check out our Comic Book Movie Release Schedule here.