Blade Runner 2 News: Harrison Ford Returning Would Please Director

In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is a large article on Ridley Scott’s [...]

Blade Runner Harrison Ford

In this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is a large article on Ridley Scott's Prometheus. There is also a very small update on Blade Runner from director Ridely Scott. According to Scott, things are moving along on either a sequel or prequel to his science fiction movie Blade Runner, which was originally released in 1982. Apparently, at this point, Scott doesn't know for sure whether the new film will turn out to be a sequel or a prequel. Why the uncertainty? This is speculation on our part, but it might have a lot to do with if Harrison Ford agrees to return to star in the movie. If Harrison Ford comes back to reprise his role as detective Rick Deckard, then Blade Runner 2 will almost certainly have to be a sequel, as it would be difficult to disguise that Harrison Ford is much older now. However, if Harrison Ford doesn't return, then it would seem likely Blade Runner 2 would be a prequel with a much younger actor paying the role of Rick Deckard. In the small piece on Blade Runner, Scott says that he's been meeting with writers. He even says that he's gone back to original co-screenwriter Hampton Fancher. However, Scott denies that he has had any discussions with Harrison Ford yet. But that doesn't mean that Harrison Ford is out of the running, because in regards to Ford, Scott is quoted as saying, "I'm not sure that's going to be a story point… but if it were, nothing would please me more." What do you think? Should Harrison Ford be brought back for the sequel? Or should Ridley Scott reboot Blade Runner with a completely different actor?