Bryan Singer Compares X-Men: Days Of Future Past And The Avengers

Avengers vs. X-Men

At this point it's almost inevitable that any superhero franchise is going to be compared to Marvel's The Avengers, which made a shared film universe the goal for just about all other studios with a superhero in their stable. The comparison between X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Avengers was put to director Bryan Singer by SciFi Now magazine. Singer seems to feel that it's not a fair comparison and that he'd like the comparisons to stop. "It's not healthy for us," says Singer. "I'll tell you why: they're both comic-books and at some point you can expand the universes, that's where the comparison ends. The Avengers is a mash-up of massive single character franchises of incredibly familiar characters and Iron Man. And did I mention Iron Man? Oh, and by the way – Iron Man. They are huge, colossal franchises that are peppered with all these other characters that are, again, extremely famous and so yes, Fox will at some point synergize [the X-Men] characters and that process is slowly beginning, but it's very different than taking movies that gross close to a billion dollars and then pushing them together into these giant broad movies. If you want to give me Robert Downey Jr in a metal suit and have him join the X-Men, then yes, let's go head-to-head [with Marvel Studios]." Singer went onto say that, unlike The Avengers, the characters in the X-Men universe aren't built to work as a team rather than fly solo, with the one exception of Wolverine, so the building of a larger X-Men film universe will have to use a different strategy than that of Marvel Studios. X-Men: Days of Future Past comes to theaters May 23.