Captain America: The Winter Soldier Creator Ed Brubaker's Cameo Revealed in Trailer


A close look at Sunday's new trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier reveals that Ed Brubaker, the writer responsible for creating the Winter Soldier and writing the story upon which the film is principally based, has a Stan Lee-style cameo in the film. You can see him in the opening seconds of the trailer, attending to the medical process that builds the Winter Soldier--and if you didn't notice right away, don't feel bad. We caught it because it's currently the background on Brubaker's Twitter page. While the Fatale and Velvet co-creator has been largely preoccupied with his creator-owned work of late (he just announced a five-year deal with Image Comics), and even the Captain America: The Winter Soldier tie-in comics are being written by more work-for-hire oriented writers, he has been very enthusiastic about the prospects for the film, praising the script fairly early on and later projecting that the film could make billion dollars, even though Captain America: The First Avenger is one of the studio's lowest-grossing films.