Carrie Fisher and Oscar Isaac Take Over Star Wars Red Carpet with Curse-Filled Q&A

It cannot be said enough: Carrie Fisher is a national treasure. The latest proof of this comes from the red carpet for Star Wars: The Force Awakens from the Hollywood premiere Monday night. At it, hosts Andi Guttierez and Anthony Carboni thought it'd be cute and fun to let Carrie Fisher conduct their interview of Oscar Isaac. Madness ensued.

I wouldn't be able to properly type this out without using a lot of asterisks and other symbols, so I'll just leave that there for you to watch. The looks on the hosts' faces tell the whole story quite well.

Here's hoping that now that Carrie Fisher has been back out in the world on this press tour, she never goes away for any extended amount of time again, as she's just a joy to have around.