Chew and Batman Writer John Layman: Martian Manhunter and Aquaman Are "Goofy As Hell"

Martian Manhunter Robot Chicken

For the  last couple of days, since Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer said on a podcast that Martian Manhunter was "goofy" and She-Hulk was a big, green porn star, the comics community at large has mostly piled on him -- but today, one best-selling writer chimed in on social media to defend at least one small aspect of Goyer's controversial rant. John Layman, best known for his Image Comics series Chew or his work on Mars Attacks but also recently a writer on Detective Comics and Batman Eternal, calls Martian Manhunter "goofy as hell," saying that the character wouldn't fit in the Goyer-penned DC Cinematic Universe. He also tosses Aquaman in there, saying that "there's a reason" the character was a punchline on HBO's Entourage, noting that there's nothing really wrong with being "goofy," but that some readers are touchy about the innate "goofiness" of superheroes being pointed out to them. You can check out his series of tweets on the subject below