Chris Hemsworth May Play Doc Savage For Iron Man 3 Director Black

In yesterday's story at The Hollywood Reporter about the upcoming, Shane Black-directed reboot of the Predator franchise, it was revealed that Black had also met with Marvel's The Avengers and Thor star Chris Hemsworth about playing the title character in the director's upcoming Doc Savage film.

Black was confirmed to write and direct the project last May, shortly after the release of Iron Man 3, when he said that the actor who plays the character has to be a, "perfect physical specimen," who makes an impression with the "symmetry and perfection that he exudes."

During a September interview, Black was asked if he would consider Hemsworth for the role, and he conceded, "That's not bad. What is he doing?"

HitFix claims that while Doc Savage is having budgetary issues at the moment, Sony Pictures sees it as a priority since it has franchise potential. Presumably, the involvement of someone as marketable as Hemsworth could goose things forward even faster.

Doc Savage, who currently appears in his own comic book series at Dynamite Entertainment, is a master of disguise and detection with genius-level intellect and who is in peak physical condition. He also has a photographic memory and is a skilled scientist, surgeon, inventor, athlete, and martial artist.