Christian Bale Auditions For Batman With Amy Adams

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Even though it's Ben Affleck's Batman that will be starring across from Amy Adam's Lois Lane in Batman Vs. Superman, a new clip from The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition gives fans a small taste of what it could have been like if Christian Bale had continued as Batman. The clip (via  actually is Christian Bale auditioning for the starring role in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins. Amy Adams participated in the audition tapes for all the actors up for Batman as a favor to the casting director. In the clip, director Christopher Nolan explains what set Christian Bale apart from all the other actors that auditioned for the role. "I think Christian's voice was a big part of the impression that he made on the test," said Nolan. "He had decided that Batman needed to have a different voice than Bruce Wayne. That he needed to put on a voice that supported the visual appearance of the character and explained why people didn't recognize him from his voice." Another interesting piece of trivia is that Christian Bale wore Val Kilmer's Batman Forever batsuit for the audition. Christian Bale auditions for Batman Begins in... by BatmanNewsCom