Comedic Shaft Reboot In Development

New Line Cinema has revealed that it is developing a Shaft reboot, with a screenplay from Black-ish creator Kenya Barris and The Goldbergs executive producer Alex Barnow.

Shaft is a decades-old property about a private detective named John Shaft. Played by Richard Roundtree in the original film, Shaft is hired to locate a missing girl in New York City's Harlem. The movie marked a major benchmark in the "blaxploitation" era of films, earning strong cult following. Shaft has already been rebooted once, back in 2000, with Samuel L. Jackson playing the original Shaft's nephew. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, this latest interpretation will have a much more comedic tone. Given the talent attached, that's hardly surprising.

John Davis, (Man from U.N.C.L.E.,Victor Frankenstein) and Ira Napliello will also produce the film.


What do you think, readers? Are you ready for a comedic interoperation of Shaft? Let us know in the comments.