Conan O'Brien Outrages Superman Fans By Calling Man Of Steel Sequel The Batman Movie

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Conan O'Brien seems to be quite the fan of superhero movies, as he's aired several trailers for them on his show. However, in parodying the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel, Conan made a verbal faux pas which has Superman fans seeing red. When Warner Bros. announced the Man Of Steel sequel would also feature Batman, one immediate concern voiced by some fans was that Batman would overshadow Superman. It's been a very touchy subject with some fans even taking issue with the rumored title Batman Vs. Superman, which lists Batman's name first. On Tuesday's night CONAN show, Conan O'Brien took it one step further even referring to the Man Of Steel sequel as "The Batman Movie," leaving Superman out of the title completely. The leaked trailer that Conan O'Brien aired also focused almost entirely on Ben Affleck as Batman with Superman only appearing for half a second in the opening footage. When posted the trailer earlier today, we suspected that some fans might object to Conan labeling the film as "The Batman Movie," and we were right. As an upset reader with the handle Baptized quickly commented, "It's not a Batman movie. It's a Superman movie. I'm sick of the fans making it out to be a Batman movie. The final title for the movie will be SUPERMAN & BATMAN." There was similar outrage on YouTube where the video was posted. A commenter, oddly enough with the handle I Really Love Batman, wrote, "CONAN! It's a SUPERMAN movie." So on behalf of Superman fans, we post this fan correction to CONAN. Dear Conan, On Tuesday's CONAN show, you erroneously referred to the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel as "The Batman Movie." While it's true that Warner Bros. has yet to officially title the movie, the film is a follow-up to the successful 2013 Man Of Steel movie. It is not "The Batman Movie." When referencing the untitled Man Of Steel sequel in the future, it's appropriate to refer to is as "Batman Vs. Superman," "Superman & Batman," or "The Superman Movie With Batman In It." However, it's never appropriate to refer to it as just "The Batman Movie," because it trivializes Superman, who is the world's greatest superhero. Sincerely, Superman Fans.