Sylvester Stallone Fights Dolph Lundgren in ‘Creed II’ Deleted Scene

Creed II star Sylvester Stallone shared a peek at a deleted scene that would have depicted a rematch between his Rocky Balboa and once opponent Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren).

When sharing the scene on Instagram, Stallone, who co-wrote the film, explained the scene would have taken place after Adonis ‘Donny’ Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) and Rocky have a falling out after Donny is hospitalized following a bout with Drago’s brute son Viktor (Florian Munteanu).

Drago — who killed Apollo (Carl Weathers) Creed in the ring during 1985’s Rocky IV — shows up alongside fight promoter Buddy Marcelle (Russell Hornsby) to harass the badly beaten Donny, instigating a scuffle.

Stallone added the impromptu rematch would have been “extraordinary,” but “regretfully it was cut... pity,” Stallone wrote.

The actor in November said he was retiring Rocky, stepping away from the fighter and passing the torch to Jordan and a new generation. Lundgren and Munteanu later said in a joint interview they doubt Stallone is fully finished with the franchise.

“I’ve heard that before,” returning Ivan Drago Lundgren told Good Morning Britain of his friend and Expendables co-star. “I don’t really believe it, but we’ll see.”

Added Munteanu, “I don’t think so either, but maybe not the big way that he turned out in the Rocky and the Creed franchise. I think, like, a smaller role maybe. We’ll see.”

While a Balboa-Drago rematch is off the table, Lundgren told CinemaBlend he would “love to work with Stallone again.”


“He’s a good friend of mine, and mentor, and a genius in many ways,” he said. “And I think it’d be fun working together again.”

Creed II is available to own on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray March 5.