Custom Mad Max Power Wheels Is Epic

(Photo: Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith)

When I was a kid, I dressed as a Mummy, a Ninja, a Ninja Turtle, I remember a Bunny Rabbit when I was real young... but no, never anything quite this cool. Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith have custom built their own Mad Max themed "War Rig" Power Wheel for their son Cooper and daughter Ziggy to use on Halloween.

The vehicle is the latest in a long line of their geeky vehicles for Cooper, who in previous years has been Marty McFly in a stroller Delorean time machine, a Ghostbuster in his own Big-Wheel Ecto-1, and the easy one - a bike with ET riding shotgun.

The War Rig Power Wheel was built from two PowerWHeels Jeeps, cardboard, electronics, and paint. There are four motors, power steering, a keyed ignition, and and an air-horn. There's also a remote control iPhone app that can take control of the vehicle in case Cooper gets a little too into character.

They also dressed their 11 month-old as Imperator Furiosa, so clearly they're doing parenting very very right.


"Working on these projects is truly a labor of love. It's an opportunity to stretch our creativity and surprise even ourselves at what we can achieve both individually and together," the couple said of the project. "Halloween is at least one day of the year where we can guiltlessly live vicariously through our children in a world of wonder and fantasy, and revel in the smiles it puts on their faces."