Dark Knight Rises Featurette: Who Is The Bald Child In Jail?

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Warner Bros. has released a new thirteen minute featurette on the making of The Dark Knight Rises. While the majority of the featurette is just previously released scenes combined with cast members and director Christopher Nolan talking about the movie, there are a couple brand new scenes included. One of the scenes that seems to be generating the most controversy is a brief shot of a young child in a jail cell. After the young child is shown holding onto the prison bars of his or her cell, Catwoman is shown walking by the bars of a cell. However, Christopher Nolan often splices together scenes out of order, so the child in jail is probably a flashback to an earlier time. The child appears to be bald, so there has been much speculation online that the child is a young Bane. This would make sense because in Bane's origin in the comic books he was born and raised in Peña Duro prison. However, another possibility is that the child could be a young Talia Al Ghul. Joey King is rumored to have shaved her head to play the young Talia Al Ghul, so that would fit with her being the bald child in prison. Unfortunately, the scene shows the child from a side angle so it's difficult to say for sure who it is. Who do you think is the bald child in prison, a young Bane or a young Talia Al Ghul or neither?