Dark Knight Rises TV Spot Packed With New Footage

It's been a while since we got a new trailer or TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises that wasn't [...]

It's been a while since we got a new trailer or TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises that wasn't essentially the same shots we've seen a bunch of times with a few seconds of new footage cut in or new context added; that all ends today, as Warner Brothers just released through the movie's official Facebook page a new TV spot that's nearly half new material. It starts with a little hero worship--not of Batman, but of Commissioner Gordon--by John Blake, followed by a series of quick shots featuring the villains, including one that looks to be Bane pushing the plunger on a bomb (or perhaps the rumored "earthquake machine" he's supposed to be using in the film) while holding onto Bruce Wayne. It seems as though, like in Knightfall, he may take the paralyzed hero to the top of a tall building--but this time, he seems to be torturing Batman with the destruction of Gotham, not taunting Gotham with the destruction of Batman. The bridge explosion we've all seen before comes next, followed by Bane, putting his hand over Bruce's face, telling him, "I am Gotham's reckoning." Asking Lucius Fox to "get him back in the game," Bruce (now sporting a cane) is shown to The Bat, Batman's flying machine--and yes, Fox assures him, it does come in black. All told it seems to confirm most of the speculation about the film--assuming that these scenes are shown roughly in sequence, it appears as though Bane defeats him--possibly by taking him unaware as Bruce Wayne--early in the movie. It then seems that Bruce--with the help of Lucius Fox, possibly because Alfred is worried about watching his charge and adoptive son die if he continues rooftop-jumping--is the one who has to "rise" and reclaim Gotham from the maniacs Bane has set loose. The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20.