Darth Vader Helps Wife Tell Husband She's Pregnant

(Photo: Bryan Starr)

Out at Walt Disney World, Star Wars has a major presence already, with shows featuring the characters from the beloved films. Sometimes, they're even involved in a little "extra Disney magic."

Darth Vader and a pair of stormtroopers came out for a special solo photo opp for one fan, Bryan Starr, and he was excited enough already. Then his wife joined the picture with a special surprise: Bryan, you are his father.

Now, it's a shame Vader couldn't deliver that line, but since James Earl Jones doesn't wander Disney parks, they prefer their characters not to talk much.


Still, a fun moment, and a great one to share the magic of Disney and Star Wars. Just don't let him turn to the dark side, Bryan, we hear some dads have been dealing with that issue lately...