Dave Bautista Reveals Guardians Of The Galaxy Deleted Scene Where Drax Explains His Tattoos

At Fan Expo Canada this weekend, Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista revealed a deleted scene from the film, which fans will get to see on the DVD.

"There were some scenes that were cut out, and some of them will make the extras on the DVD," said Bautista. "But some of the scenes that were cut out were really good scenes, not just for myself. There was a really good scene where Drax explains his tattoos and what the mean. And it will be on the DVD extra. It's really touching."

However Bautista completely understood why the scene had to be deleted from the theatrical version of the film.

"Where they had it in the film, it's really a heart-breaking scene, and it would kind of killed the momentum of the film. For selfish reasons, there are certain scenes I would have liked in there, but they wouldn't have worked well. It would have slowed the movie down and messed up the pacing. And the pacing of Guardians is so perfect. And I'm saying that as a film fan. It wouldn't have worked," said Bautista.

We've embedded a ScreenRelish video of the segment from the Fan Expo panel below.


Guardians of the Galaxy is currently playing in movie theaters everywhere.