David Tennant's Kilgrave Was Only Planned For One Season Of Jessica Jones


All of those viewers who loved to hate David Tennant's Kilgrave might be sad to hear he likely won't be returning for the recently renewed second season of the Marvel Studios Netflix series.

During the Jessica Jones TCA panel, several members of the cast & crew of Jessica Jones took questions from reporters. One of those questions was how long they originally envisioned Kilgrave to be a part of the show and whether or not we should expect to see him return.

"Well, sure, I mean, we have David Tennant and you want him around forever," says Jessica Jones executive producer Melissa Rosenberg. "I mean, he's such an extraordinary actor and he's really, truly one of the loveliest people you'll ever work with, but, you know, the show is called Jessica Jones ... the story is about Jessica's arch and how does that play out as best we could, so that was the arch of the first season."

Jeph Loeb added to Rosenberg's comments, saying, "What's important about any Marvel show is that your protagonist is often defined by how strong your antagonist is. In the creation and portrayal of Kilgrave it really gave some place for Krysten and, the entire cast, to interact with someone who really challenged them - both on an emotional level and also a professional level - because David was just so extraordinary."

They certainly did a great job introducing a strong antagonist with the first season of Jessica Jones, building and pushing their protagonist to her limits. We'll keep things spoiler-free and leave it at that, though.


Jessica Jones' first season is available now on Netflix.