DC Lauches After Watchmen Compendium


In 1977, studio executives for the film Saturday Night Fever discovered that fans of the film were leaving theatres and rushing to the nearest record store. At the store, fans were buying the film's soundtrack and disco records by the armload. Now that the Watchmen movie has conquered theatres, DC Comics is banking on that same principle with the launch of the web page After Watchmen, What's Next? After Watchmen, What's next? is an extensive resource for many of the darker, more adult publications of DC and its sister companies, Vertigo and America's Best Comics. For DC to create an extensive collection of its 'grown up' works makes perfect sense- Watchmen was an "R" rated film, so not many kids are going to rush to their comic book store for the complete run of Preacher. Also, director Zack Snyder has said numerous times that he hopes that Watchmen would appeal to fans of the comics and to those who have never picked up a comic book in their life. DC Comics hopes that the viewers in that demographic will want to delve further into mature comics. The After Watchmen, What's Next? compendium is linked to the official Watchmen movie home page. On its main page, fans of the Watchmen movie can choose from categories ranging from Books that Redefine Modern Superheroes to Books for Mature Readers in hopes of finding their next fix. Fans can also read up on the further works of Alan Moore and other best selling authors who have collaborated in the past with the publisher. There are also recommendations of works that push the boundaries of science fiction, such as WE3 and Transmetropolitan.