Deadpool Early Box Office Estimates Tracking Strong

Deadpool Valentine's Day Posters
(Photo: Twentieth Century Fox)

Box Office tracking estimates start about 3 weeks before release, which means Deadpool hit the mark today. After overwhelmingly positive fan reaction at two surprise screenings, it's coming in nicely, between a $55 million to $60 million opening weekend.

The film will go up against Zoolander 2 on the weekend, host to both Valentine's Day on Sunday and Presidents Day the following Monday.

Kingsmen: The Secret Service, an R-rated comic book based flick from Fox (sound familiar?) had a $41.8 million launch on the same weekend, but against the stiffer competition of Fifty Shades of Grey. Coming in at $55 million would equal X-Men: First Class and Watchmen, one of which is an X-Men movie and the other an R-rated comic book film, putting it at a decent spot.

For his part, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld thinks that number is... a little low.

The Matrix Reloaded had the largest opening weekend for an R-rated film, coming in at $91.77 million.


Deadpool hits theaters February 12, 2016.