Did USA Today Troll Star Wars Fans With Star Trek Images This Week?


On Monday morning, USA Today's top story was Star Wars: The Force Awakens shattering box offices records. So, why is Star Trek slapped into every other panel possible, including the USA Today logo?

Not only did USA Today put Spock's signature hand gesture which rings, "Live long and prosper," in our minds, but they also out Leonard Nimoy front and center in a column dedicated to those lost in 2015, directly beneath the Star Wars story.


Look to the left, not only an additional photo of Leonard Nimoy as Spock, but also a photo of George Takei, who played Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek. This time to call attention to his column offering an opinion on Donald Trump.

Star Wars may have dominated the box office but when it comes to the USA Today cover, Star Trek: 3, Star Wars: 1.