Disney Ad Hints At Original Star Wars Reissue Plans

Star Wars Trilogy

Disney has released a new Italian ad for its digital services, which includes footage from Star Wars Episode IV. According to the Film Divider translation, the ad states, "Enter Disney's magical world, with the brand new site disney.it. All your favourite Disney characters await you, including the most engaging TV series and plenty of exclusive videos and content. Amazing apps and games and a online community to share your passions. All of this, simply from any PC, tablets or smartphones. Carry the Disney's magic always on you."

Of course, the really interesting thing about this report is that back in August, ComicBook.com reported on plans we heard about for Disney to release an original, unaltered cut of the Star Wars trilogy. There was quite an outcry online that this was never going to happen because Twentieth Century Fox owned the distribution rights.


While there's no denying there are some complicated issues in regards to the rights of some of the previous Star Wars films, the ad certainly seems to suggest that Disney is planning to release the original Star Wars trilogy through its digital services. And if Disney can release the original Star Wars trilogy digitally, it's obvious that negotiations are in place to get to the inevitable Blu-Ray release. Sources close to ComicBook.com say that this digital release is a step in that direction.