Disney Imagineering EVP Says Star Wars Land Rides are Unprecedented

(Photo: Disney Parks and Resorts)

Jon Snoddy, the Executive Vice President of Disney Imagineering took to the stage of a CES 2016 panel and teased Star Wars Land Thursday. The Imagineers are hard at work fine-tuning the designs for the rides and experiences for the Land, which will break ground at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World this month. The new Land at both parks was announced officially at D23 Expo in August.

Snoddy said the rides will be "unprecedented, in a way," thanks largely to the involvement of Industrial Lights and magic alongside Imagineering. The special effects firm was part of the Lucasfilm acquisition, and will help fit "super high-resolution projections" alongside physical and practical sets and characters, Business Insider reports from the convention.

One of the rides will be a boat ride, Snoddy hinted, similar to Pirates of the Carribean - but obviously telling a Star Wars story. ILM has helped in "building a building, building a massive device" or such an attraction, including the precision needed to make the experience the best possible.

One of the rides previously teased is an interactive experience allowing parkgoers to experience piloting the iconic Millennium Falcon spaceship. Another, possibly the boat ride, will portray a battle between the Resistance and the First Order from the current crop of films that kicked off with Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Closures at Disneyland begin January 10, 2016 to break ground on the new Star Wars Land.