Does Iron Man Make Spider-Man’s Suit in Captain America: Civil War?


With Spider-Man finally making his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon with Captain America: Civil War, there is a ton of speculation as to just how he might fit into the larger world already in place.

Well, let's throw some wood on that fire, shall we?

With a full-facial mask and a civilian identity still in high school, it seems like a safe bet that Spider-Man will be one of the few (if not the only) Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes to enjoy a secret identity.

That's ironic, in this case, since Civil War, the comic book event, outed Spider-Man to the world and revolved around superheroes giving up their secret identities.

So...what will tie Civil War to Captain America: Civil War, besides a fight between Iron Man and Captain America?

Well, there's the fact that the fight seems to be about an as-yet-unexplained piece of legislation rushed into law following a crisis that superheroes directly took part in, but did not cause.

And there's the fact that we have a role for Spider-Man to play, apparently.

Just what that role is, isn't yet clear, but Tom Holland will take to the silver screen as Ol' Webhead for the first time in a Captain America movie from Marvel, not a Spider-Man movie from Sony, and that's worth a note.

In Civil War, Spider-Man was taken under Tony Stark's wing for a time -- so much so that after his secret identity was compromised and his Aunt May shot as a result, he yelled at Stark "You were like a father to me!"

What can Tony do for Spider-Man in this reality?

Well, he's unlikely to help him keep his identity a secret, since Tony is firmly on the side of the establishment in this case. It's also unlikely they would "out" Peter Parker before he even gets to play a role in his own solo movie.

...But what if Tony was the one who gave Spider-Man some of his wonderful toys?

I can see a world where Tony Stark creates the Spider-Man costume -- which would then get you past that old criticism of how a science geek kid go tall those webs so nicely tailored -- and possibly the webshooters, etc., to outfit a new, young hero for action.

That would also create a parallel to the Iron Spider costume that Peter wore during Civil War tie-ins. That short-lived costume has nevertheless been merchandised on toys, clothes and even bottles of fruit juice for kids. So giving fans a similar touchstone? Not unlikely...!