Dredd 3D Gets a Mondo Poster For Tomorrow's Release


Remember that series of awesome Mondo posters that were released before Marvel's The Avengers hit theaters back in May? How about that great Comic-Con poster they did for The Dark Knight Rises? Well, it's judgment time. At left is the Mondo poster for Dredd 3D, Lionsgate's brilliant film adaptation of 2000 AD's iconic Judge Dredd franchise which forgets everything about the 1995 Sylvester Stallone stinker and charts a new trajectory for the character more in line with a neo-noir dystopia a la Blade Runner, infused with elements of films like Die Hard and The Raid. The poster, painted by Jock (who has worked in comics on projects like Green Arrow: Year One and who painted the aforementioned poster for The Dark Knight Rises) is done very much in the style of the comics, something that was key to making the film work--while it may not be a beat-for-beat adaptation in the vein of something like Watchmen or Sin City, Dredd is probably a more straightforward look at the character than most fans would have expected to get on the big screen--right down to fixing what many fans thought was the most fatal flaw of Stallone's iteration: the iconic helmet never comes off Urban's head. Dredd 3D will be in theaters everywhere tomorrow. Want to know what we thought about the film? Check out our review. You can get copies of the poster, if you're lucky, at the Mondo website, where they'll be selling however many are left over once Fantastic Fest is over.